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Meet Charlie


Charlie McConkey is a lifelong Iowan from Carter Lake, Iowa, currently serving his second term in the Iowa House of Representatives. Charlie serves on the Commerce, Economic Growth, Labor, Ways and Means, and the Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Charlie is married to his wife Sheryl, and together they have a blended family of four children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Charlie graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School, and obtained a degree from Iowa Western Community College.

After college, Charlie began working at Griffin Pipe in industrial maintenance, and continued working there for 31 years. After retiring from Griffin Pipe, Charlie obtained a real estate license, and owned and operated a small business in Council Buffs.

In his free time, Charlie spends his time volunteering at Mohm’s Place serving meals to the homeless and with Support Our Local Animal Shelter. Charlie is also a member of the United Steelworkers Local 3141 and is Vice President of the Roberts Park Neighborhood Association.





We need high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for every single Iowan. We must provide better physical and mental health treatment options for all Iowans, and I will lead the way to legislate solutions. 

As the opioid crisis in our community continues, we need to ensure to our community that we are working hard to solve this problem at every point in the process. 


As a lifelong Iowan, I know how important it is to prepare Iowans for the future workforce. As Iowans, we need to protect our jobs, and provide quality work, entrepreneurship and job training for all Iowans statewide.


It’s time to put Iowans first by ensuring that every Iowan has access to a basic living wage and the opportunity for more.


Serving on the Economic Growth committee in the Iowa House, I have worked hard to bring the best jobs to our community and across the state. Economic growth is the key to positive change in Iowa. 

Public Education

For the last ten years we’ve underfunded our schools and seen increases in classroom sizes. If this continues, our schools will struggle to keep up with technological change. If we don’t guarantee that public education funding keeps up with inflation, our children will pay the price. The future of Iowa will pay the price. 

I will continue to work to ensure that young Iowans lead in the world. We must protect our public institutions and schools, from Pre-k to PhDs. 

Crime Prevention
Public Safety

Cracking down by strengthening sentences for dealing hard drugs and manufacturing methamphetamine will make our streets safer for all Iowans.


I vow to protect our neighborhoods by pushing legislative answers to this epidemic fueling crime in Western Iowa. 

Graduation Ceremony
Community College

Our community college tuition is the third highest in the nation. At a time when we need to build a workforce skilled enough to compete with everyone else, it makes no sense that we are stripping the funding of our community colleges.


Affordable and top notch community colleges are the best economic growth tool we have today. By creating partnerships between community colleges, businesses and high schools, we can reduce the gap in skilled labor, attract high paying employers and jobs and work to keep our bright and innovative young people at home.


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